Update 8/5/2014

Early Packet Pick-up -
Will be a the Prattville Academy Sports store from 10am-6pm on August 29
Packet pick up will be available on race day as well.
Please try to pick up packets 30 minutes to an hour before your scheduled heat.
You must run in the heat you signed up for unless you let them know at registration which heat you signed up for originally and which one you are moving too.

Prattville Academy Sports
1557 Cotton Exchange
Prattville, AL 36066

Mud Mania is a mud drenched outdoor obstacle adventure race fueled by excessive and unreasonable enthusiasm. Whether competing alone or on a team, ultimately it is a challenge that will pit your raw grit against the notoriously rugged Alabama mud.

Set on the outskirts of either Auburn, Al or St. Augustine, FL. Mud Mania is a bootcamp style 5K run embedded with 20+ obstacles. Participants will run in 30 minute heats of 300 participants each. Your momma spent 18hrs a day trying to keep you clean. Give us 3 miles...we'll getcha' dirty!
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